Neurologists in Oklahoma

If you’ve been looking for a neurologist in Oklahoma, you’ve probably learned that there aren’t many of us. Chances are, if you are looking for a neurologist, you have a disease or medical problem that is scary or difficult to solve. Neurologists, in general, have become the last great diagnosticians (people who diagnose, or solve, medical mysteries).

Instead of trying to navigate a large hospital system like Integris, OU, or St. Francis, I suggest that you entertain an alternative solution.  Consider seeking out an independent physician that isn’t associated with one of these large conglomerates. You may be better off. Independent physicians have resisted the large corporations silently gobbling up smaller, independent practices. Although independent physicians struggle to make a living these days, they have resisted the silent take-over because they believe that the patient-physician relationship is a sacred one that should not be governed by a large corporation. You may receive better care because you aren’t just a number in the system. You also have the luxury of speaking with the OWNER of the company at every meeting. Try it for yourself. It’s a much better experience.

Neurologists are already a rare breed. Narrowing it down to independent physicians even further limits your choices. While rare, they certainly exist.

My life’s dream has always been to own my own medical practice but many have said that it can’t be done in our current post-Obamacare climate. They say it’s not viable and too old fashioned. Solo medical practices are failing all over the country and are being purchased by large multinational health care companies who buy, sell, and trade physicians like commodities. I believe that this is bad for patients, doctors, and our country. So, I’m resisting.

When you come see Dr. McCoy, know that you will be seeing a true solo physician and not a paid-by-the-hour “doctor” who is under the thumb of a suit-wearing business executive cracking the whip. I will be a slave to nothing except for the doctor-patient relationship which I hold in the highest regard. It’s a relationship above all other relationships but has unfortunately lost its luster over the years. Let’s bring it back. There’s a lot of talk about reducing the cost of health care. So let’s eliminate all the fluff, middle men, beuracrats, and lawyers and return medicine to what it always should have been.

It’s so simple: a patient; a doctor; making healthcare decisions together.

I often look to quotes from old movies for inspiration and motivation:
“Nobody thinks it will work, do they?”
“No. But you just described every great success story.”
-quote from Say Anything

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